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Simplifying the building process through a specialized turn-key design-to-build system, Shaun Dougherty, or Shaun D, merges her formal design education and prestigious training at Marc-Michaels Interior Design for her own brand of chic, custom interior spaces.    After earning her interior design degree and entrepreneurship minor at Middle Tennessee State University, Shaun D began her career at Renaissance Tile and Bath before landing a position in Orlando, Florida at the prestigious Marc-Michaels Interior Design.  An on-the-job masters level experience, Shaun created design projects for high-end residential clientele from Palm Beach and Naples to New Jersey and Pennsylvania.   In 2012, after returning to the Nashville area, SDI was launched fusing the best of Shaun D’s experiences with a wealth of design inspiration. Known for her distinctive ideas and passion she brings to each project, what sets her work apart is the ability to design and cost-estimate an entire project prior to construction. This process ensures building deadlines and satisfied clients as well as builders.

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