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Understanding the Custom Home Building Process

This isn't easy, that's why it's crucial to align with a builder early on. Make sure you feel comfortable with that builder and have confidence in them to accomplish your vision. To create anything you start with your imagination. Then comes the faith in wondering if you can really accomplish this dream. Then your faith turns into knowledge. You start thinking, “Who can help me accomplish this?” That's the role of a custom home builder, they will have all the knowledge and resources to translate your ideas into your dream. First you need to set a realistic budget based on your financial resources. Whatever you determine your budget to be it is a good idea to have 20 to 30% more funds available for the unforeseeable and changes in cost along the way. Before purchasing a lot you should always get the soil information. You can ask if there is a survey and/or a topographical survey as this will help the builder and the architect better understand what type of structure can go on the lot. After the construction plans are finalized. The builder will start quoting the plans which determine your overall budget. Once the contracts are signed and financing is in place, construction can commence. The builder will coordinate the various trades, including excavation, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical work, insulation, drywall, flooring, and so on. Regular site visits and progress meetings with the builder will help you stay informed and address any concerns. Congratulations, you now get to sit back and watch your dreams come to life. Pat yourself on the back, you worked hard for this and deserve it!

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