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(A Design Build)

A design build is a plan or an idea you’ve dreamed up. You come to us with your budget, clippings, pictures, pins, and vision of your favorite luxury home designs. We call this your vision list. We take your details, define your goals and priorities then integrate them together with your dream team; a custom designer, architect, or draftsman. We work hand and hand with you and your dream team to come to an agreed upon set of plans that we can build.   

(An Established Build)

An established build is when you come to us with your own set of architectural blueprints and interior details. You have done the leg work and are now ready to establish a budget and start building.

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It is often said that anything worth doing is worth doing right. At David Patton Homes, this is more than a motto; It's our way of doing business. We believe every material we use and every house we build should be the best it can be. We work hard to get every detail right. Building a house is more than just laying bricks and tile; it is creating a home for a family... your family. We want every house we build to reflect not only quality craftsmanship and construction, but also your vision of home. You are the most important part of our building plan. With our commitment to customer service and good communication, we work hard to ensure that your vision becomes our vision. We want to make your vision become our vision. We want to make your dream a reality.

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